School Land Trust

The Board of Directors of Venture Academy serves as the council that approves plans for the use of School Land Trust Funds. Please see the Board of Directors section of this website for more information about the board. 

2017-18 Plan

Based on prior years’ success in supporting math instruction, we will continue supporting math.

Action Step(s) Supported by Land Trust:  

  1. Provide specialized training in Math from experts to all teachers of math K-12 during the summer and 2017-18 school year ($9500).

  2. Provide ongoing support to teachers during the year to implement the training received in the summer.

  3. Purchase resources, materials, etc., to support the training and implementation of new practices ($2000).

2.  Our second area of significant need is technology.  We will use Land Trust funds to provide new student workstations and classroom projectors.

Action step(s) supported by Land Trust:

  1. Purchase equipment and licensing to provide 75 additional workstations (approx. $21,400). (K-8:33; HS: 12 Chromebooks, 28 Workstations)

  2. Research and purchase projectors and set up for 12 classrooms ($12,000).

3. Our third area of significant need is classroom libraries to support reading instruction and literacy.

Academic Goal:  Students will increase their Lexile Reading Level, (accuracy and fluency) rates by an average of 5% by the end of FY2018.

  1. Purchase classroom literature libraries for K8 and High School ($25,642).

Any increase in distribution will be used to support the technology goal.

Both of these projects support goals for school improvement.