Dress Code - K-8

The purpose of the Dress Code policy is to improve the learning environment by:

  • Ensuring that clothing is modest and non-offensive.
  • Reducing peer pressure and emphasis on clothing that tends to encourage divisions, classes, cliques, etc. and tends to distract students from intended learning.
  • Minimizing health and safety concerns.
  • Helping children learn that the way they dress influences the way they act, and that appropriate dress shows respect to others and to the important work that goes on in the school.


Students may wear a collared, solid Red, Navy or White shirt * that:

  • Is a polo style shirt, button, or turtleneck
  • Is long enough to be tucked in when touching the ground in a squatting position.
  • Has no printing or graphics on it any larger than 1.5” square (the school logo, which may be larger, is also accepted).
  • Has sleeves that cover the shoulders and under the arm.
  • Is not sheer or otherwise revealing.
  • Is not torn or purposely frayed.
  • Students may wear any shirt underneath their collared shirt as long as it is consistent with the dress code colors and has no visible printing on it.
  • Inside the building, students may wear a solid sweater, vest or jacket over their collared top as long as it is consistent with one of the allowable shirt colors (garments with attached hoods are acceptable, but students may not wear the hood inside the building).
  • Winter coats, gloves, hats, and boots are not subject to the uniform color restrictions. *Note: After the first year, one additional color may be chosen for middle school students annually to be used for that year only. The method of choosing will be determined by the administration.


Students may wear any solid tan, navy, or black pant or capri that:

  • Is not made of “sweats cotton” or other tight fitting, stretch-type material. No leggings unless worn under a knee length skirt;
  • Goes to the knee or longer.
  • Has no holes.
  • No jeans.
  • Jeans and solid t-shirts that match the school colors may be worn on some adventure activities. Students will be notified of these times in advance. All other rules apply.
  • No low-riding bottoms or visible undergarments will be allowed. Belts must be conservative.


Girls may wear any solid Red, Navy, White, Black, or Tan dress/skirt that:

  • Goes to the middle of the knee or longer.
  • Has sleeves that cover the shoulders and under the arm.
  • Is not sheer or otherwise revealing.


Students may wear any shoes that have a strap or some kind of back on the shoe so that it doesn’t slip off the feet.  Students may not wear:

  • Shoes with wheels.
  • Slippers.
  • Flip-flops.


The daily school uniform policy applies on campouts with the addition of the following due to a different environment. Students should be prepared to get dirty and remember the modesty standards from the uniform policy.


  • Gym shorts are allowed in the following colors: black, blue, red and gray. They need to be a solid color and knee length. Pin stripes down the side (in any color) are ok. Nothing written across the buttock.
  • Jeans are allowed, however they must meet standard uniform policies: knee length, no holes, tears, or writing. They also need to be worn at the waist and not baggy.


  • Shirts may be a "t-shirt" style (no collar) but they must be solid in the following colors: blue, red, and gray.
  • You may also use a school issued Venture T-shirt that has large logo's (Escalante, athletics fundraiser t-shirt).


When students are leaving the building they should remember that represent Venture. We are asking that they wear a red logo Venture shirt and khaki pants. This will also help chaperones keep track of their students.


Venture will allow 3 days a year for them to wear Venture t-shirts to school. Days included are: the final day of spirit week, yearbook day, and the hike. Venture will allow flip-flop Fridays occasionally and hat days as well for fundraisers. We would charge the kids $1 to wear flip-flops or hats to school for the day. Days will be coordinated through the directors.


When swimming or water activities require swimwear, boys may wear regular swim trunks (no Speedo-type), and girls may wear one or two piece swimming suits with no midriff showing, no low-cut bodice, and no high cut legs. When wearing swimwear; students must wear a t-shirt, life vest, or dri-fit water shirt. Girls will wear shorts or skirt over their swimsuits. Lead teacher has discretion to make decision for safety concerns.


Students may wear their hair in any way that does not distract from the learning environment. Extreme hairstyles and unnatural colors will not be allowed.


Body piercing will be limited to earrings only (no gauging), that does not draw undue attention or present a danger to the person wearing them. Other jewelry may not be excessive or distract from the learning environment. No chains may be worn other than around the neck or wrist. Tattoos must be covered and unseen at all times.


Students may choose other attire such as backpacks, purses, etc. that are not offensive and are appropriate to our learning environment. Hats may not be worn inside the building.

Uniform items not specifically covered but considered inappropriate or contrary to the purpose of the Uniform Policy are subject to review by the Board or interpretation by the Administrators in charge of executing the Uniform Policy. Uniform compliance is mandatory with no opt-out policy other than stated below and consequences for violation will be enforced.

Uniform Policy exemption will be granted by the director based on:

• Religious beliefs

• Extenuating circumstances.

The administration will develop ways of assisting economically disadvantaged students who are unable to meet the dress code requirements because of their economic circumstances.


If a teacher determines that a student has come to school inappropriately dressed according to the Uniform Policy, the student will be sent to the office.

  • Parents will be called to bring proper clothing and the student will remain in the office until clothing arrives. If parents are unable to do so in a timely manner, and it is a minor breach of the policy, the office may provide some interim clothing so that the student may return to class.
  • For subsequent violations, students will be subject to the progressive discipline policy, including the provisions regarding persistent violation of school rules and persistent disobedience, which may result in suspension and eventual expulsion.


As role models to our students, the staff at Venture must meet the same student requirements in regards to modesty and attire, accessories, tattoos and piercing. Although staff is not required to wear the school uniform, the staff must meet the same expectations as students regarding shirt length and modesty. Business casual is required; no t-shirts or blue jeans. The same requirements apply to staff representing Venture during events and fieldwork. All exceptions are subject to approval of the Director. Failure to meet the expectation of the uniform policy could result in termination of employment.