Dress Code - High School

Venture High School Dress Code

The Venture High School dress code is meant to promote respect and modesty for our students.  Clothes should be neat, clean, and modest in appearance.  Students should avoid wearing anything excessively tight or ripped.  Shoulders, cleavage, and midriffs should be entirely covered at all times and no undergarments should be showing at any time.  Also, students must remain in dress code while on campus before and after school.  It is expected that students will adhere to the following dress code and parents will support their students and the school in enforcing the dress code. 


       May be solid, plaid, striped, or have small repeated patterns of non-offensive objects (e.g. flowers are ok, marijuana leaves or skulls are not, ask if you are not sure), no flannel

       No logos larger than 3” x 3”

       No wording or graphic images

       All shirts/tops must have sleeves that entirely cover the shoulder

       Necklines on any shirt/top must not show cleavage

       No midriff showing

       No tears, rips or holes or see-through fabrics on base-layers

       No “Classic T-Shirts”

       Shirts that are unbuttoned are allowed as long as the base layer follows all rules of the dress code and they are not interpreted by any staff member as gang related attire


       May be any solid color

       No jeans, sweats, workout clothing (unless in gym class, modesty & tightness standards still apply, see teacher for questions), or pajamas

       No holes

       No leggings unless worn under a knee length skirt or other knee length bottoms

       Pants/shorts must be worn around waist

       Shorts must be knee length


       Must be knee length (even under see-through fabric).  May be solid, plaid, striped, or have small repeated patterns of non-offensive objects (e.g. flowers are ok, marijuana leaves or skulls are not, ask if you are not sure)

       No wording or graphic images allowed

       No logos larger than 3” x 3”

       Sleeves must entirely cover the shoulder

       Necklines must not show cleavage


       No logos larger than 3” x 3”

       No wording, graphic images

       Hoodies/hoods are allowed as long as they follow the other guidelines within the Jacket section of the dress code

       Hoods are not allowed to be worn “up” while on campus


       Shoes must be worn at all times

       Any sandal worn must have a backstrap

       Closed toe shoes must be worn in the Science Lab (when requested by the teacher) and for Gym class

       No slippers

       No wheels on shoes


       Hats/beanies may not be worn inside the building or during gym classes (except under special circumstances determined by the teacher)


       No facial piercings are allowed on campus

       No gauges are allowed to be worn on campus, flesh colored plug may be worn in holes

       Tattoos should never be visible where possible

       No chains

       No dangerous jewelry (spikes, etc.)


       No unnatural hair color or unnatural highlights

       No distracting hairstyles

SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES (all standards of the dress code always apply when students are on campus unless otherwise described in this section):

       Any article of clothing purchased through Venture High School may be worn and is acceptable per the school dress code as long as it is in good repair and is not modified in any way.

       Fieldwork: Students will be directed by the coordinating teacher or administration on any changes to the dress code for fieldwork if they are applicable (e.g. beanies may be allowed if working outside and it is cold).  Students must be in dress code as described by the coordinating teacher to be allowed to go on fieldwork.  If a student is out of dress code and does not attend the fieldwork, make-up work will be assigned to replace the academic learning that took place while their classmates were out of the building.

       College Celebration Days: these are days that Venture High School promotes post-secondary planning and our goal of having every student accepted to a college or university by allowing all students to wear university/college branded apparel.  These days are announced on the TV’s located around the school and on the school website.  The apparel may have graphics/logos etc. as long as they depict a college/university (hopefully one the student is planning on applying for) and are not offensive.

       P.E./Adventure Program:  Athletic attire may be worn during PE class and appropriate attire for Adventure Program experiences will be allowed when directed either by the teacher or administration.

       Swimwear: Students will wear shorts for all water activities. 

       Girls will wear one or two piece swimsuits with no midriff showing (including mid and low back), no low-cut bodice, and swim shorts or skirt will be worn.  When outside the water shirts will be worn over swimsuits.   

       Boys will wear swim trunks (no Speedo type) with a shirt being worn whenever outside the water

       Lifejackets will be worn by all students whenever safety is a factor for the activity.  Students will be directed by staff on specifics when engaged in watersports.

       Celebrations of Learning: Students are expected to be in Venture High School Dress code.

       Passage Presentations: Students are expected to wear best dress for their Passage while adhering to modesty standards.

       School Casual Activities (Kick-backs, movie nights, stomps, etc.):  Students should adhere to modesty code but jeans are allowed as long as there are no tears or holes.

       Formal & Semi-Formal Dances (on & off campus):  In an effort to promote an attitude of modesty and respect for oneself and others the following is required:

       No undergarments should be visible at any time

       Boys should wear formal or semi-formal attire.  Button-up shirts, slacks, tuxedos, ties and bow ties are appropriate

       Girls should wear formal or semi-formal dresses or pantsuits.  Dresses must be longer than fingertips when arms are at the sides.  Tea length or floor length dresses are appropriate.  The front should not dip lower than the bust line and no midriff showing.  No backless, strapless, or spaghetti strap dresses.  Dresses may not have cut-outs, slits higher than the fingertips when arms are at the sides, or see-through fabric.

       Summer School: Full Venture High School dress code is required for Summer School classes. 

       Uniform Policy exemption will be granted by administration based on:

       Religious belief

       Extenuating circumstances


It is expected that students come to school in dress code everyday.  However if a student chooses to be out of dress code the following steps will take place:

       First violation: Student will be sent to the office where they can elect to either change into school provided clothing or have their parents/guardians bring them appropriate clothing.  Students must choose one of these options, sitting in the office and missing class is not acceptable.  If a student refuses either option parents/guardians will be contacted and they will be sent home for the day by administration and will not be allowed back on campus until they are in dress code. 

       Subsequent violations:  Student will be referred to administration for escalating disciplinary action per the Venture Discipline Policy.  Not adhering to dress code can result in suspension or expulsion from Venture High School.