Food Dirve
Posted on 09/19/2018
Food DriveOur annual food drive has begun! Parent Crew is sponsoring a competition between houses this year with a prize for the house that collects the most items. Items can be brought to your crew teacher and will be counted weekly for placements. Items you can donate include all non-perishable foods and any warm clothing items for winter. Each food item is worth one point and each clothing item is worth more points. Food Drive Competition! Hosted by Venture Volunteers and Parent Crew Point Value System: For Food Items: Canned Protein (Peanut Butter, Tuna, Chicken, Beans etc…) (4 Points) All Other Canned Food (2 Points) Boxed Food item (2 Points) Dry rice, beans and the like 1 LB (1 Point) All Others (1 Point) Also the clothing Sleeping bag = 20 points Blanket = 5 points Insulated gloves = 5 points Knit gloves = 1 point Insulated coat = 20 points Jacket = 10 points Boots = 15 points Shoes = 10 points Travel size hygiene items = 1 point Full size hygiene items = 3 points Toothbrush or floss = 1 point