Our Approach to Curriculum & Instruction

Most people would agree that the world needs a rising generation that understands the basics of the key disciplines like math, science, English, and social studies.  This is often offered as the main reason for schools. We agree with the importance of that, but..

..Venture aims higher!

We have identified four additional dimensions of student achievement that are vital to a well-rounded education. All five of these dimensions play a key role not just in the K-8, but school-wide K-12.

  1. Mastery of basic knowledge and skill in key disciplines (math, science, English, etc.).
  2. Strong research and reasoning skills;
  3. The creation of high quality products/performances;
  4. The consistent demonstration of good habits of work and character;
  5. The ability to apply what they learn to solving real problems and serving the needs of others and the community.

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