Social Science

The Venture Social Science team approaches instruction with the goals of: 
 Washington DC
  • teaching students to be good local, national, and global citizens by learning to think deeply about events (both current and historical);
  • making connections between historical events and what is currently happening in the world;
  • developing excellent reading skills which includes applying historical connections and points of view, looking for bias, purpose, and wisely considering context;
  • learning to write like historians including make connections and arguments that are backed up by credible sources and appropriate synthesis.
  •  preparing students who are ready for the rigorous academic expectations of college and careers. 

    Key strategies for reaching these goals include:

  • giving students opportunities to master individual steps that culminate in large scale products such as research papers.
  • using class discussion, group and peer-critique, and one-on-one feedback to develop strong skills and deep content knowledge.
  • making real-world connections to content and incorporating opportunities for interdisciplinary explorations of a topic.
  • combining elements of teacher direction and student choice when embarking on research.  
Journeying through the Social Science curriculum at Venture Academy leaves students, not simply with knowledge of history and social issues, but with strong skills in using research to understand and respond to issues and challenges we face.