The Venture High Math Team provides a program that:

  • helps all students develop not only strong computational skills, but strong conceptual understanding as well.  Students learn that the powerful skills of logic, inference, and managing complexity that are developed in math are useful not only in math oriented work, but in other fields as well.
  • as much as possible, doesn’t hold students back or push them faster than they are able to go. (This means being able to allow for differentiated instruction while also setting an appropriate pace so that material is learned in a timely manner). 
  • uses digital technology to manage and deliver curriculum in a more individually differentiated manner;
  • develops and maintains motivation by focusing on personal improvement, mastery, and accomplishment, rather than on other external rewards (grades, social pressure, etc.).
  • while helping students progress individually, understands and facilitates participation in the important social aspects of learning and thinking about math with other learners.
  • seeks opportunities for students to apply what they are learning to authentic, real world projects where possible and practical.