Work Portfolios

As students progress through the high school, they develop work portfolios that are organized to show progress on the five dimensions of student achievement mentioned above while also highlighting student work that demonstrates Venture’s values. In this context, these achievements are referred to as “Destinations”. The destinations are outlined below: 


Students demonstrate excellence by providing examples of excellent work they have accomplished. Examples might include:

  • An in-depth research paper;
  • Mastery of math shown on ACT or math course grades;
  • Accomplishments in an area of personal interest in which the student excels.


Students demonstrate their ability to apply their learning to the service of others. Examples might include:

  • Log of services performed that shows outcomes and reflections.
  • A significant class project that served the needs of a person or a segment of the community. 
  • A presentation of one’s legacy, “I left the school better than I found it.”


Students show growth in leadership skills.  Examples might include:

  • Identifying an inspiring leader or set of leaders in history to study and model. Then report on how the study went and what difference it has made in their life.
  • Present on how you were able to show vision, faith, and empathy in a leadership situation?  What was accomplished?
  • Share a summary of reflections from a log of reflections and lessons learned.


Students pursue challenging new experiences and demonstrate courage and perseverance. They find that they can do more than they thought.  Examples might include:

  • Pursuing a difficult research question with courage and perseverance.
  • Engaging in a physical adventure--backpacking, rock climbing, canyoneering, etc.--that seriously stretches their comfort zone.
  • Performing before a large audience while fearing the spotlight.


Students demonstrate a solid understanding of the role and importance of family in society:  Examples might include:

  • a project that shows strong understanding of roots/heritage.
  • a research paper on a family topic.
  • a project that serves families in the community.


Students demonstrate an understanding of their own gifts as a unique person that they have discovered through their work at Venture.  Examples might include:

  • A reflection essay on the subject.
  • A narrative description of how a personal interest has been pursued with passion.


Students demonstrate an understanding and desire to preserve the core values that have made the United States of America great. Examples might include:

  • Being able to explain and analyze the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.
  • Show an understanding of the founding of America and strong familiarity with key founding figures.  
  • Recite a powerful speech or document that demonstrates core values of the USA.


Students choose to act with academic honesty in their school work and ethically in actions toward others. Specific experiences are not created to cultivate integrity. This destination is achieved in work, projects, and behaviour throughout school curriculum and activities as evidenced in the integrity section of Habits of Work and Character.