Trina Thomson

Fall 2018 Masters of Migration Expedition

Our natural world is full of wonders that often go unnoticed. The birds in our community tell a compelling story, if we only take the time to listen and observe them. Utah is actually an integral part of two migratory flyways: the Pacific and Central. Several bird refuges supporting the flyways are in close proximity to Venture Academy students.

 In this expedition, students will study bird migration through the lens of our local Utah birds.  We will explore migration as one type of adaptation for survival.  First, students will look at the adaptations of Utah birds, and the specific habitats that support their survival: Utah deserts, wetlands, and forests. Second, we will investigate the migration paths of several species of birds. Finally, students will be studying other needs for survival, namely nesting areas, cover, and food/water.  

 The students will research their expert birds and apply their knowledge through presentations at the celebration of learning at the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge.  It will showcase a bird guide made by our students and silhouettes that will be connected to our future “Wall of Birds” silhouettes in Venture Academy.

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Parent Success Night Powerpoint - Click here for a look at the slide show from that night.