Trina Thomson

Pathways to Utah Expedition

The founding of the United States of America happened gradually. The eastern part was settled first because it was geographically closer to Europe.  Over time, people began to migrate west for a variety of reasons. The search for gold, religious persecution, and the trapping trade all drew adventurers and pioneers west--where these new arrivals often encountered and displaced native peoples.

In this expedition, students will explore the natural history of one of those native peoples: the Shoshone. Next, students will investigate the importance of the Mountain Men (trappers and traders) in opening the western United States to eventual settlement.   Their relationship to the native Shoshone and pioneers will be explored. Finally, students will understand the many contributions of pioneers and some of the challenges they faced in the founding of the state of Utah.

After the students have assembled their knowledge of these three groups, they will host a rendezvous at Venture Academy. The students will trade handmade period correct items, tell pour quoi tales or tall tales, perform period correct dances and other fun activities reminiscent of the time period. Fifth graders will remain at the school for their Fifth Grade Overnighter.

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