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Miss Courtney's Crew: 
Celebration of Learning is Next Week! I am so excited for the kids to show you what they have learned about cultures from Around the World and what they have learned about cultures in Mexico!

COL is Wed. May 16th from 5-8PM. Our class is scheduled for the 6:00-7:30 time slot.
In this time your kiddo will *guide you on a suitcase tour to teach you about the different cultures they have learned about and show you what they have learned about Mexico, *you will taste a sample (not dinner) of each expert culture's foods throughout the pod and *you will watch the kiddos perform El Jarabe, the Mexican Hat Dance!

If you can help set up right after school (1:30) or help clean up afterwards, that would be very much appreciated!

Mexican Hat Dance
First... If for some reason your child will not be present at COL, I need to know now so that I can make partner arrangements.
Boys: Please wear black pants and shoes with a white collared shirt. 
Girls: Please have your hair in a low bun, a plain white shirt, shorts (for the skirt that I have to go over) and black (or white) dress shoes.
I have sombreros and bandanas for the boys, and skirts and shawls for the girls.

I need 2-3 parents to help run field day activities for our pod on May 29th from 12-3. Please let me know ASAP if you can help so that we can start to organize. My class is in charge of waterballoons and I will buy the kind that tie themselves, but I still need a few parents to help.

COL set up at 1:30 and clean up afterwards.

End of year cleaning and organizing ( I am flexible, just let me know!)


- We 2 fieldwork permission slips coming home tomorrow (along with your COL invite). One is for Discovery Gateway, the other is for our spring hike. They are both due on Friday. 

-We will be watching Coco, rated PG on the 17th. Please let me know by Friday if this is NOT okay with you.

-Autobiographies in Progress*** each kiddo will have a morning to share their autobiography with the class. It will be their special day! Come if you can make it! Presentations will start at 8:15! Check the reading log for your kiddo's day!

***Note: I have started a blog/ social media platform for teachers and aspiring teachers (and you are all welcome to follow me as well). I would like to use a combination of pictures and videos to help new teachers. I want to keep your kids as safe as possible, so I will not be showing pictures of their faces (unless you tell me it is okay). I will only record from the back of the room, facing me (it would show the back of their heads). Please communicate if you have any concerns. Thank you!***
My Instagram is Miss_Courtneys_Crew
My blog is up, but it is not ready for viewers quiet yet....
My FB is Courtney Knobla (Miss Courtney's Crew), but it is also in it's very early stage.

To see what is happening in expedition, math, reading, spelling and writing see below!

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