Courtney Pendleton

Miss Courtney's Crew: 
Thank you so much for your support at our Celebration Of Learning and Student Led Conferences!

Volunteer Please!
- 1 parent to laminate and cut for me. (This can be done at home with my portable laminator)
- experts to come teach about health, nutrition and the body over the next few weeks...
-1 parent to assemble body books (cut and staple, I also have a portable paper cutter to make it easier. This can be done at home.)

-There is spelling this week (11/13-11/17), but none next week because of Thanksgiving Break!

-No school from 11/22-11/24

-In case you haven't looked at grades yet....

Please READ all of this.... Grades for Term 1 will be posted by Friday. Please do not scold your child about academic grades. I tell them that I care if they are trying their best (Talk to them about their habits of character and habits of work grades). The academic grades are compared to state standards so that you know how they are doing. Remember, your little one is still developing, and that some of their brains haven't "clicked" in all subject areas yet (they have no control of this). They do however have control of their habits of work and character.
      Grade Scale:
0: They don't have work for this. 
1: They need a lot of help with this target. 
2: They are approaching the target.
3: They have met the target.
4: They have exceeded the target.

To see what is happening in expedition, reading and writing see below!

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