Trina Thomson

We just celebrated our Window's to the Wasatch Expedition.  Thank you to all who attended.  We really enjoyed sharing our learning of what lives on the mountains, mineral identification, our rock collections and the stories that we wrote about one rocks journey through the rock cycle.

We are looking forward to diving into our study of the Transcontinental Railroad and the people who were impacted by its construction.

Follow the calendar link here to see daily math assignments as well as happenings in Reading and Expedition.

Follow the Useful links tab here for websites that will be helpful resources to 5th grade math students and their parents as well as access to pdfs of the workbook.

4-5 Expeditions for 2017 - 18:

Fall: Students will take a deeper, more detailed “look” at something that they see every day in their backyard, the Wasatch Mountains. In investigation 1,  students will identify, compare, and contrast Utah mountain habitats.  During investigation 2, students will study evidence of plate activity to answer the question “What is happening beneath our feet?” Students will then investigate mountain composition, including rocks, minerals, and fossils. Lastly students will discover how mountains are changed and affected by weathering, erosion and deposition.

Spring: Transcontinental Railroad Our first case study will focus on setting the scene for the “big race,” including laws that allowed for this growth in our country, the investors who participated, and the conditions and rules.  Then we will focus our attention on the Union Pacific.  We will focus on their workers, their challenges, and their accomplishments.  Then we will shift attention to the Central Pacific’s workers, challenges, and accomplishments.  We will end our expedition by studying the outcomes of the race, and the progress that followed.  Our students will be portraying the lives of some of the players of the TRR through perspective writing and dramatic tableaus. We will celebrate at Venture Academy by performing our Tableaus for the community.