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Hello Parents,  November 16, 2017
Welcome to quarter 2 already!  This is an exciting and stressful quarter in school.  We really learn a lot of vital information and prepare for some amazing events.

On November 30th is our Celebration of Learning on Monarch Butterflies.  We have been studying this wonderful creature since the beginning of the school year. In December we will be launching our second expedition!  

We have upcoming fieldwork on December 15th to help kick off Intensive Week.  We will be visiting the Clarke Planetarium. 

Apart from Expedition, in Math we are focusing heavily on multiplication and will move into long division by the end of the quarter.  Please have your kids practice math facts.  It is crucial to their future success. 

In reading we are wrapping up our second novel of the year: Shiloh.  Finally, a happy dog story.  We will begin an author's study on Chris Van Alsburg who wrote many children favorites including the Polar Express and Jumanji. 

I know this is a stressful time of the year for many people.  Thank you for ensuring that your student is getting adequate rest and time to complete their assignments.   

Thank you, 
Ms. Beckham

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