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Hello Parents,  May 4th, 2017

We can all sigh in relief this week.  SAGE testing is finished for our third graders!  I was impressed with how much grit they all showed and their stamina!  I hope that everyone at least enjoyed a week off without math homework.  

In reading we wrapped up our last reading groups today.  We will continue to focus on literacy through our read-a-louds and in class work.  Students will also be taking their last DIBELS test ever next week.  

Our big focus this week was our Expedition.  We are working hard on a project for our CoL.  Don't be surprised if your student is asking to borrow some odd things (such as winter coats!)  There is a reason and you should get all your things back in order.  Please don't forget about our Spring Hike on Thursday.  I could possibly use one more driver.  

It is now the home stretch to the school year, but here at Venture we continue to work hard right until the end!  

Thank you, 
Ms. Beckham

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