Crew News

This week we learned:

  • We have a new Expedition! Around the World! We started to learn about Maps.
  • DIBELS testing was this week. Thank you for working so hard with your kiddos over the break to help them be successful!
  • Letters and sounds review for the whole alphabet
  • Language Arts: Breaking down CVC words into beginning, middle, and ending sounds (i.e. Cat is /c/ /a/ /t/) AND writing the letters we hear.
  • Proper formation of numbers 0-20
  • Writing our first and last names
  • Math vocab: smaller, bigger, and same

Help Needed!
*Volunteers to spray paint our "travel suitcases" and assemble them. Spray painting will take around 30 - 40 minutes. Assembly will take an hour or so. This can be done anytime during the school day (8 am - 3:30 pm). If you are interested, email me!

*Volunteers to help set up and run games at the Valentine's Day party are needed. Party times are:
AM class 8:45-10 am
PM class  12 - 1:15 pm
If you are interested, please email me!


Supplies Needed: I am collecting water bottle lids! If you could gather the ones you have and start collecting any in the future, I would greatly appreciate it! I need them by Jan. 17th.

No School Monday the 15th Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

We are looking for experts to teach the kids about various countries on Tuesday afternoons. We are looking for a person who has lived (or has a lot of experience) in another country, has artifacts they can bring in, can present on our 6 aspects of culture: language, clothing, food, traditions/beliefs, daily life/games, & arts/music/dance. We would like to schedule these ASAP, so please email AND 

The following assignments are due on these days:

Jan. 19 - Family Tree
Feb. 2 - Family Recipe and Autobiography Poster