Courtney Pendleton

Miss Courtney's Crew: 
Kudos to our drivers for the fieldwork to the farm! This week is Fall Break, so there is no school Thursday or Friday. We are starting our expert work for COL this week, so make sure your kiddo is here. Speaking of COL.... I desperately need volunteers (we have none from our class)

Volunteer Please!
- 2 parents to call local stores (I have the lists) to see if they will donate produce for our farmer's market (and picking up the produce if they say yes)
- 2 Parents to help run the farmer's market at our COL
- 1 parent to do some cutting for me.
- 3 more parents to run games at our Halloween party
- Halloween prize donations.

-No new spelling because of the short week.

-Look at our calendar. Our Celebration of Learning (COL) and Student Led Conferences (SLC's) are coming up very soon!

-Please check the red side of your kiddo's Friday Folder. Those items are meant for parents to see. If you don't want it, recycle it. If it is something you want your kiddo to have a better grade on, then correct it and send it in the middle section. From now on I will be recycling everything in the red on Fridays.

To see what is happening in expedition, reading and writing see below!

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